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Main Directions Vladivostok - Irkutsk - Baikal - Olkhon island

Vladivostok - Irkutsk - Lake Baikal - Olkhon island

Vladivostok - Irkutsk - Baikal - Olkhon
  •  8 days
  • 10+1 people  - 1230 USD/person
  • 20+1 people  - 1060 USD/person
  • 30+1 people  - 990 USD/person
  • 40+1 people - 950 USD/person


Price include:

  • twin accommodation in the hotel based on 4* hotels, with breakfast 
  • full board
  • transfers and transportation according to the program 
  • excursions according to the program
  • Chinese speaking guide coordinator

Price NOT include:

  • strong drinks
  • other services not mentioned in the program
  • domestic flights (Route Vladivostok- Irkutsk-Vladivostok about 285USD)


 Day 1st

Arrival at Vladivostok airport. 

Meeting at the airport. 

Transfer to hotel in Vladivostok.

 Day 2nd

City tour: 

  • visit to the Vladivostok railway station, the place where the Trans-Siberian railway originates;
  • visit to the Sea Station;
  • visit to the "SUBMARINE C-56" museum Navy headquarters external survey, “KORABELNAYA EMBANKMENT”;
  • boat trip in the waters of the Amur Bay and the Golden Horn Bay.
  • Lunch
  • visit to the Vladivostok fortress museum. Central embankment. 

18:00 - Transfer to the Vladivostok airport.

20:20 - Departure to Irkutsk (flight S7-3215).

22:45 - Arrival in Irkutsk.

 Day 3rd

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

07:00 - Transfer to the railway station to take Circum Baikal train.

07:46 - Start excursion:

* The Old Baikal Railway is the unique monument of engineering architecture. It is “a golden buckle on the steel belt of Russia”.
This section of 84 km was the hardest on the entire Trans-Siberian Railway (from Kultuk to Baikal stations). By the amount of various
constructional works carried out per 1 km, the Old Baikal Railway surpasses all the other railways of the world.
This section numbers 424 engineering structures which include 38 tunnels with the total length 9063 m., 15 stone galleries with the
total length 295 m and iron-concrete galleries with holes, 248 bridges and viaducts, 268 retaining walls. Tunnels and galleries of the
Old Baikal Railway are unique for being constructed by non-typical projects and were not reconstructed in the following years thus
preserving the initial idea of architects and engineers of the early XX-th century.

Lunch during one stop.

17:05 - Arrival at Baikal Port (last station).

Ferry to Listvianka village.

18:00 - Arrival in Listvianka.

Visit Baikal lake museum:

It is a unique museum which exposition is devoted to the history of Baikal explorations, its fauna and flora. It features Baikal fishes, stuffed
birds and animals, samples of bottom sediments and Baikal minerals and different exhibits found during the scientific expeditions.
You will be amazed how beautiful and unique is the world of this sacred lake! You will also have a unique possibility to see the
representatives of the underwater world making a virtual diving in bathyscaphe to the bottom of Baikal.

Dinner at the local restaurant in Listvianka.

Night Transfer to Irkutsk.

 Day 4th

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

10:00 - Transfer to Olkhon:

* Olkhon island is the sacred place of Baikal, where the double-peaked Shamanka rock is located, one of the nine sanctums of Asia.

Lunch on route.

15:00 - Ferry to the Olkhon island, then take UAZ car\transfer to the "Baikal View" hotel.

16:30 (about) - Accommodation at the hotel.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant.


 Day 5th

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

09:00 - Excursion to the Cape Khoboy:

* It is the northernmost point of the biggest Baikal island, offering the view upon Holy Nose peninsula. During the tour you will see gorgeous
deserted sandy bays and beaches, which are numerous at Olkhon. Specially for you we shall arrange the picnic on the shore.

17:00 - Arrival in the hotel.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant.


 Day 6th

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

09:00 or 10:00 - Transfer to the ferry. 

10:00 or 11:00 - Ferry to the continent.

Transfer to Irkutsk.

On route visit Ust-Orda village (where Siberian natives, the burysts live)

Regional museum; shaman show, folklore show

Lunch (buryat cusine).

18:00 arrival in IKT/accommodation in the "Courtyard Marriott" hotel.

Dinner at the hotel restaurant.


 Day 7th

Free time till check-out

12:30 lunch at the hotel restaurant

14:00 city-tour

City-tour: In the downtown you will see Kirov square. Not far from this place in 1661 a Cossack detachment headed by Jacob Pokhabov
founded Irkutsk ostrog (a kind of fortification). This is the main square. The first wooden buildings appeared here. You will not miss the
high stone buildings of the churches. Right behind the administrative building there is the Church of the Savior, the oldest preserved building
of such a kind in Siberian and Far East region. Behind the administrative building, on Nizhnyaya Naberezhnaya ('Lower Embankment')
there is one more important monument - the memorial devoted to the Siberian soldiers fallen in the battles against the fascists during the
Great Patriotic War. Behind the Church of the Savior there is Epiphany cathedral, built in 1723. It was recently restored, and the services are
conducted there. Both Orthodox churches are recognized as the architectural monuments of Russia. You will visit the most romantic
city street - the embankment of the Angara River (Gagarin boulevard). In the center of the street there is a monument to the Russian tsar
Alexander III. He was the one initiating the construction of the Trans-Siberian railways. Angara embankment is a favorite strolling place for
Irkutsk people and city guests.

Visit 130 quarter (Irkutsk Arbat tourist zone).

Dinner at a local restaurant

21:30 - Transfer to Irkutsk airport.

23:55 - Departure to Vladivostok (flight S7-3216)

 Day 8th

06:00 – Arrival at Vladivostok airport.

07:00 – Accommodation near the hotel, rest.

11:15 Transfer to Vladivostok Airport.