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Main Directions Caucasus (Grozniy)

Discover North Caucuses

  • 16 days
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 Day 1st

Tour starts in Makhachkala - the capital of Dagestan. 

12:45 Arrive by UT557. Meeting the group at the airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation. 


Sightseeing tour of Makhachkala. During the tour, tourists will be able to see Central Avenue them. Rasul Gamzatov, a monument to him,
Russian dramatic theatre, stroll through the Rhodope Boulevard near the shore of the Caspian Sea while enjoying the sea breeze,
Avar dramatic theatre, visit Dagestan Museum of Fine Arts, the central square of Makhachkala, the central market of the city,
see Makhachkala international sea port, church, Anji -arku overlooking the panorama of the city, Juma mosque, Anji Arena stadium. 

After the tour, tourists will have dinner in a restaurant in the city. 

 Day 2nd

Breakfast at the hotel.

Moving groups of tourists to the village Kubachi. 

The road passes through Derbensky district, the district center Kaytagsky District - sel.Madzhalis, then 

through the regional center Dakhadayevsky District-Urkarah. On the way to the city Izberbash, visitors will view of Mount Pushkin-Tau
(facial profile Pushkin AS). Excursion to the villages. Kubachi, with a visit to the tower, castle walls, factories for the production of jewelry.
Lunch in a hut at the Highlander. Tourists will be able to see the goldsmith at work,
Goryanka for cooking food, life and customs of the Highlanders. Transfer to the ancient city of Derbent.
Accommodation at the hotel "Scarlet Sails". Dinner. Rest on the shore of the Caspian Sea.

 Day 3rd


Derbent city tour starts with a visit of the citadel "Naryn-Kala" (Unesco), Magala (Old Town), 

the house-museum of Bestuzhev-Marly, Juma mosques, churches, synagogues, the ancient cemetery. Dinner at a restaurant in the city.

 Day 4th

Breakfast in the hotel.


Transfer to Сhechen republic through Andean ridge and Botlikh village.

To drive up to the lake to be overcome Andean ridge - Harami pass. 

Its height is 2147 meters above sea level. From the pass scenic views of the wide valley, at the end of which,
among majestic mountains and bizarre cliffs is the most alpine lake in the Caucasus - Kezenoi Am.

Lunch in the Botlih. Botlikh – center of Botlikh District, on the border with Chechnya. 

Meeting, accommodation in hotel “Kazenoy-Am”.

Dinner  and concert program.

 Day 5th


Departure to Grozny city.
The tour will include attending Kharachoi, Hoy, Makazhoi (Grozny - Serzhen-Yurt - Vedeno - Kharachoi - Harami Pass)

The route to Grozny takes about 3-4 hours.

The first stop in the village of Vedeno. There is an old fortress of the 19th century and the market

The second stop is a Kharachoi village. Homeland famous abrek Zelimkhan, which is popularly known as the Chechen Robin Hood.
There is a monument of Zelimkhan and waterfalls  is an extraordinary place in terms of its history and natural attraction.
It is well-known by the road connecting Chechnya to Dagestan built in the very ancient times.
The breathtaking scenes of the village will affect even an experienced tourist. The bus will drive up to the lake by the Andean ridge.
The road continues along the right treeless slopes of the deep gorge of the river Hulhulau.

Lunch (national cuisine, barbecue)

Arrive Grozniy

Excursion "Grozny From history to future".

We will visit "The Walk of Fame", Putin`s avenue. Mosque  the "Heart of Chechnya",
The observation deck on the roof of skyscrapers "Grozny City", 
Christian church of the Archangel Michael, the "Ahmad Arena" stadium equipped for 30 thousand spectators


 Day 6th

Itum-Kale district


9.30 Transfer to southern Chechnya, trip to the Argun gorge.

An old road goes by the Chanty-Argun gorge through Khevsureti passes ending up in Georgia.

 Right at the entrance to the gorge the road turns to the left bank of the Chanty-Argunriver. We would recommend to make a short stop
after crossing the bridge. Climbing up about 100 meters by a small river valley, a tributary of the Argun, you can enjoy a marvelous
waterfall. The water current goes down a cliff of 10.5 meters in height.

Road to Itum-Kale, carved into the limestone cliffs. It amazes visitors with its grandeur and beauty. Nature is wild and untouched.

Close to Bashin-Kale village there is an ancient tower standing on a steep cliff. It is decorated with carved T-shaped signs.
The Nihaloy rock from the prominent rock girl legend is also here close to the village. 
You will also see Ushkaloy famous towers restored in 2011.

It is also a must for all tourists to visit the local museum "Phakoch" castle complex in the mountain village of Itum-Kali.
Situated in such an amazing place the museum collection contains ancient weapons, utensils, ancient household items,
and tools aged more than a hundred years. (Presented by local dancers)

The tour includes visiting a local family in the village of Chechen towers. Tazbichi.
The guide will take you to the local mill operating on the high water pressure.


 Day 7th

9.00 Breakfast

10:00 Departure to Dondi-Yurt museum Founded by Adam Satuev

This museum unbelievably replicates the lifestyle of Chechens centuries ago. The museum is placed on the private land of Adam
Satuev in Urus-Martan. There one can see unique wooden buildings, tendon and fight towers, well, dugouts, living houses,
decorated in traditional Chechen style. 

Adam even provided spring water for the complex as the source and symbol of life, in order to strengthen similarity of the museum
with the traditional medieval Chechen village. 

The mission of the complex is to fix and save history for future generations. 

A visit to the resort of Sernovodsk Caucasus. Dinner.

Excursion to the Air Temple. Adoption of sulfur baths, walk to the sources. 

Arrival to Grozny dinner

 Day 8th


Excursion to the first oil well

Visiting the Park of national culture, Zoo

A visit to the National Museum

Arrival of guests in the town of Karabulak in Ingushetia.

Sightseeing tour of the Republican Museum of Fine Arts. Discover the cultural fine arts of the Ingush people.

Visit the medieval Mausoleum Borg-kash (1405g.) - Only in the North Caucasus, religious monuments of Central Asian architecture.

14.00-15.00 Lunch at the City Café (Ingush national cuisine).

Visit the farm for the breeding of horses Caucasian species. Horseback riding (Karabulak).

18.00 Accommodation at the hotel "Assa" Nazran

19. 00 - Dinner (in the "Assa" restaurant)

 Day 9th 

8.00-9.00 Breakfast at the hotel "Assa". Departure from the hotel.

10.00- Excursion around Nazran (the history of the city in a park near the monument to the founder of the Nazran Republican Museum
of Local History, Memory and Memorial of Glory. A visit to the workshop for the production of products made of fish skin
(dry goods, fish skin souvenirs). Magas- "Sun City", visit attractions of the city, hundred-meter "Harmony Tower") (PHOTO №1-3)

14.00-15.00 - lunch at the «Café del Magas» (Ingush national cuisine)

16.00 Transfer from Nazran in Ingushetia mountain

17.30 Accommodation at the hotel "Armkhi" ( "Armkhi" resort)

18.00-20.00 - dinner

  Day 10th

8.00-9.00 Breakfast at the hotel "Armkhi"

10.00- Excursion in the territory Jeirakh-Assinsky historical and architectural museum reserve.
The walk to the waterfall Lyazhginskomu

Familiarity with the tower "Erzi town." (PHOTO №5-6)

14.00-15.00- Lunch

16.00 - Furtougsky waterfall. Introduction to housing and life of the Ingush  XIX century in the house-museum named.
G.Ahrieva (Furtoug). (FOTO№7)

18.00-19.00 - dinner

 Day 11th

8.00-9.00 Breakfast

9.00 - Departure from the hotel "Armkhi" sightseeing Targimskaya basin. display objects: Tsey -Loamsky mountain pass 2100m
(which offers a magnificent panorama of the Main Caucasian ridge with views of Mount Kazbek 5047m.) - a medieval "tower city Egikal".

Tour "to the seventh man-made Russian Miracle" Vovnushki Castle Complex, visit to Thaba-Yerdy (VIII century) - the oldest Christian
church in Russia. (PHOTOS number 8-11)

13.00-15.00 - picnic at the foot of Vovnushek.

Return to the hotel "Armkhi"

19.00-20.00 - dinner

  Day 12th

8.00-9.00 Breakfast

9:00 departure from the "Armkhi" hotel.

Transfer to the hotel in Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia)

Meeting with group at the border post, lunch, city tour, visiting local history museum, settling, dinner in the hotel.

 Day 13th


Travel for Military - Georgian road to Yermolovskoye stone. 

Return to Vladikavkaz. 

Lunch in a restaurant. 

Departure to the Koban Valley.

Visiting natural and historical attractions. 

Dinner at the restaurant.

  Day 14th


Travel Transkam to s.Nar - the birthplace of the famous poet of North Ossetia, as well as a place where together in one place 4
mountain gorge.


Visit the Epiphany Monastery. 

Return to the hotel. 

Dinner at the restaurant. 

(A concert of folk dance ensemble into one of the days of stay.)

 Day 15th 


Excursion to the Blue Lake Cherek canyon. 


Return to the city. 

Bus - a walking tour on g.Lysaya. 

Overview of the city's skyline with its slopes. 


  Day 16th

Breakfast. Check-out

11:30 Transfer to the airport

14:00 Departure by S7 882 to Moscow